Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Random Thoughts

I skipped my ride yesterday because I woke up to find my lungs a bit irritated. I thought maybe I would ride later in the day, but the day got busy.

So I rode to the fitness center today instead. It was a super easy ride. Easy physically. Which pretty much makes the ride hard mentally. It is really hard for me to ride nice. I usually have to take someone who is new to biking with me when I need to do a recovery ride. But, today, I had no one to ride with. Since my lungs were still bothering me some, I managed to take it pretty easy.

One of my class members was sweet enough to bring me a huge bag of apricots from her tree this morning. I was super excited because I had been craving apricots lately. Then I looked over at my bike. How was I going to get them home? Even after I ate a few and gave a few away, the bag seriously weighed more than my bike. I laid the bag across my shifter cables and away I went. It worked pretty well! I only had to adjust the bag once when it started rubbing my front wheel.

After class, I hurried and showered and was off the the doctor. I need to figure out why I've been so incredibly fatigued lately. I can sleep for 9 hours at night and still need a 2-3 hour nap by mid-afternoon. She took some blood, okay a lot of blood - three whole vials, and told me she'd call me when she has some results. She also told me that my lungs are bothering me because I have asthma. This doesn't feel like the asthma I remember as a kid!

One last story I forgot to include in my last post (and because I wondered if it could have had something to do with why my lungs are hurting): As a final kick in the butt after the Capitol Reef race last weekend, I felt something hit me hard in the arm - like a BB gun shot might feel. Right after that, I could feel something moving around in my shirt sleeve. I quickly brushed the insect away. Immediately, the pain set in. Sharp, stinging, stabbing pain was running up my arm, into my shoulder and my neck. I grabbed my arm and ran for the car. We drove a while with me moaning and groaning. My arm was starting to swell and turn red and feverish. I made Sling pull over so I could dig a Benedryl out of my bag in the trunk. I had no idea how I was going to continue to react to this insect sting (I can only assume that it was some sort of hornet or wasp). The Benedryl soon started working it's sleepy magic on me, and I was able to calmly ride the rest of the way home. Today is the first day that the sting hasn't really bothered me. Just a little lump now.