Saturday, July 5, 2008

A Good Day to Ride

Group ride today. I had to do both yesterday's and today's workouts today because I had too much stuff going on yesterday to squeeze in a ride. Luckily, the group was up for a long endurance ride with a hill climb thrown in the middle.

There were a TON of cyclists out today. I was surprised by this because we were riding rather late in the day. Maybe they had all waited to get their Tour fix before heading out for a ride.

First, early in the ride I passed (going the opposite direction)a big group of Agel riders and company. Very friendly group. Very distracting.

Next, came a medium-sized group of Canyon riders.

Then, as we were descending the south side of Traverse, there was a bunch of cyclists coming up. Mostly, it looked like a group of Wasatch Women. There was even a teammate of mine! It was a slow descent for me 'cause I was like, "Hi!" "Hi!" "Hi!" "Hi!"

And, there was a lot of other riders here and there.

I've never seen so many people that I recognized out riding around in the UC. It was cool!

A good day to ride.


j_e said...

glad you had such a good ride. mine was good too, just not long enough and I have no one to blame but myself for that.