Monday, October 19, 2009

My Weekend

I had a great weekend! And it started early this week.

  • Road riding on Thursday (see previous post),
  • Bombay House on Friday,
  • taught an interval class in the Spinning studio on Saturday morning (I know it's my job - but I love it!),
  • went to dinner and dancing with friends in Salt Lake on Saturday night,
  • and rode the mountain bike on Sunday.
I found that it is MUCH easier to brake with my right hand on a mountain bike.

I didn't go too far from home for the mountain bike ride. I live across the street from an awesome place to practice cyclocross. It has got grass, pavement, gravel, and a descent-sized run up. I just need to add some barriers, and I would have it made!

So that's what I did. I practiced 'cross on the mountain bike. It was fun! But I seriously need to figure out how to off my bike without stopping. Getting off while moving is a concept my brain just won't wrap around. Maybe when my thumb is completely healed and I'm not being such a total chicken.


SlingShot said...

NICE - Very Nice.....