Thursday, October 15, 2009

Autumn (NOT FALL!) Ride

I know I already posted these pictures on Facebook, but since I took the time and effort to load them onto the computer, I might as well put them on the old blog as well, right?

What fabulous riding weather we had today. The rainstorm passed in the early morning hours and the roads were drying out by noon. In the valley, I considered going without a jacket because it felt so nice, but once into the canyon, I was glad I had brought the jacket along.

Pretty much, I met a group at the mouth of the canyon, they rode away, and the pregnant, injured, and otherwise pokey people rode way behind them. That last group would include me. I felt like I could have pushed it harder, but why, when the people you are riding at the back with are some of the best people around. We got laughing so hard climbing South Fork that I thought I better stop or I'd fall off my bike. But, only the leaves were falling today - not me! Yay!

The group reconvened at Bridal Veil Falls for a quick picture:

I was surprised that eleven people could sneak away for a mid-week lunch ride.

After that, it was just the three of us:

I am super jealous of Ragla's skill. She can wave and ride at the same time. I have crashed doing just that. But then, I am accident prone.

This was as far as we rode before Ragla determined that she shouldn't keep pushing her heart rate beyond her doc's suggested zone. I wish I could have come here a couple of weeks ago while the leaves were still brilliant, but it was still gorgeous.