Monday, November 30, 2009

Yay, Kelly!!!

Congratulations to Kelly, who correctly identified last weeks' contest legs. The legs did, in fact, belong to Julie.

Julie had read in the rule book that no acrobatics were required in a 'cross race, so, being the rebel she is, was determined to do some. She managed to accomplish four perfect cartwheels over each of the four barriers on the flat section of the race. I could not convince her to try cartwheels on the steep run-up barriers, however.

You've gotta appreciate someone who knows how to have fun!

I did not make it to last week's 'cross race at Draper. So instead of posting pictures of legs, I'm just going to post some of the pictures I took at the previous race at Heber, on Nov. 21. Keep in mind that all these were taken with my phone, since my regular camera is on the blitz, so quality is not the greatest.

Laura P. at the beginning of the A Women's race. I like the misty mountains and the train in the background.

Shanna M. at the beginning of the B Women's race.

I like this shot because it gives you a good idea as to how steep this run-up really is.

This is Julie on the steep run-up. Too steep for cartwheels, I guess.

Kara, who took second in the Women's Bs, shows how the flat barriers are usually done.